Hello everybody! It’s about that time! Here is a breakdown on what to expect on Record Store Day 2018!

  1. Sales – All Record Store Day product is full price BUT all other sealed vinyl in the store is $2 off per title and all used vinyl is $5 off per title. Unlimited! This does not include bargain records. All bargain ($1) and $5 records are buy one get one! All 50% off records are buy one get one. These are in the two bins with the yellow stickers. You pay for the more expensive of the two and get the second free!
  2. Opening – I am not allowed to sell Record Store Day product until 8AM. Therefore, that’s what time we officially open. We will have donuts from Donut King arriving around 6AM. There will be a line so please be respectful of your fellow vinyl heads and everyone’s place in line. I will be letting 12 people in at once until the intial rush has subsided. One individual title per customer. Please dont have a significant other help you double up on titles. Quantities are extremely limited so it is only fair to give the next person in line a fair chance at the title they want. Reselling does happen but I do my part to help limit it
  3. Raffle – A $20 purchase will get you entered into a raffle for a brand new Audio Technica LP3 fully automatic turntable (A $250 value). One entry per person.
  4. Giveaways – We will have official Record Store Day tote bags and posters to give everyone (while supplies last). There is other assorted swag like CDs and buttons that are free for the taking. There will also be doorprizes and other little suprises throughout the day.

There will be people budgeting some good money to buy as many titles as they can. If someone in front of you is buying a lot of titles or taking a title you wanted, that is their right. If I didnt own a store, I would be one of those people and I have been in the past. We have a great customer base here and I know of a few people personally that are spending some bank! Be respectful.

This should be an extremely fun event! Get to know the person next to you and talk about your love of music and vinyl because that is what this event is all about! I hope you all enjoy yourself and get what you are looking for.


Last years early birds!

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