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Triangle Vinyl, located at 650 7th St, in Historic Downtown Clermont, FL. has a selection of disc golf discs, backpacks, bags and baskets. We currently carry Discraft drivers, mid-range and putters. Varieties such as McBeth Prototypes, Pro-D, Elite-X, Titanium, Jawbreaker, Z, Z-FLX, and ESP are available.

paul mcbeth disc golf discs

Disc Golf Discs

We carry disc golf drivers, mid-range and putters such as Paul McBeth signature models, officially licensed Star Wars stamps, Big Z stamps and many others. Leave a comment below with any questions.

In Stock Distance and Fairway Drivers Include

  • Zeus (McBeth)
  • Anax (McBeth)
  • Force (McBeth Z, ESP, Z Star Wars)
  • Undertaker (Titanium, ESP, Z, Z-FLX, Elite X, D Line)
  • Heat (Z, ESP)
  • Vulture (Z, ESP)
  • Thrasher (Z, ESP, Z-FLX, D-Line)
  • Raptor (Z)
  • Punisher (Z, ESP, Z-FLX)
  • Predator (Z & D Line)
  • Nuke (Z, Z-SS, Z-OS, ESP)
  • Cyclone (D Line)
  • Crank (Z & D Line)

In Stock Mid Range Discs Include

  • Prototype Mid-Range (McBeth)
  • Buzzz (McBeth, Z-OS, Z-SS, ESP, Elite X, Titanium, Z Star Wars, D-Line)
  • Zone (McBeth, ESP, Z-FLX, Titanium, Jawbreaker, D-Line)
  • Drone (Big-Z)
  • Wasp (Z)
  • Stratus (D Line)

In Stock Putters Include

  • Luna (McBeth)
  • Banger-GT (Jawbreaker)
  • APX (Jawbreaker)
  • Challenger (X, ESP, Jawbreaker, D Line)
  • Magnet & Soft Magnet (D Line)

All discs we stock are probably not be listed here. Call or visit the store at for more information.

Prices currently range from $8.00 for Pro-D to $19.00 for limited edition and prototype discs, with many price points in between.

Disc Golf Baskets & Bags

We have a selection of portable disc golf baskets and bags from Discraft.

disc golf backpacks and bags

Prices currently range between $30.00 for bags and $75.00 for backpacks.

Triangle Vinyl is located close to both Disney World Resort and Downtown Orlando, FL. We’re also located 5 minutes from Lake Hiawatha Preserve, Champions Pointe Disc Golf Course. This is an 18 basket professional caliber disc golf course with 2 tee pads and 2 pin positions for each basket. The course, when played from the professional tees, measures over 9,000 feet. It’s a really great course designed by former world champion Gregg Hosfeld!

There will be a lost and found discs box for Lake Hiawatha at the store, so if you find a disc with a name and no number, drop it off.

Feel free to comment below with any questions.


  1. Tim

    Do you have any McBeth claw discs?

    • Hall Stallion

      Long sold out. Sorry.


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